Will You Still Love Me

  • Will you still love me if I do my own thing 
  • Will you still love me if I give you back the ring


  • Will you still love me if I go my own way
  • Will you still love me if I can no longer stay


  • Will you still love me if I break all of my vows 
  • Will you still love me if I no longer pull custom’s ploughs


  • Will you still love me if I no longer play the supporting role
  • Will you still love me if I take back my control 


  • Will you still love me if I take center stage
  • Will you still love me if from you I dis-engage


  • Will you still love me if I don’t play small
  • Will you still love me if I let my Spirit stand tall


  • Will you still love me if I stop blaming you
  • Will you still love me if I cater to my own debut


  • Will you still love me if I have my own thoughts 
  • Will you still love me if I dance my own waltz


  • Will you still love me if I no longer make you a priority 
  • Will you still love me if I follow my own curiosity 


  • Will you still love me if I go with another
  • Will you still love me if I stop being your mother


  • Will you still love me if I find my own joy
  • Will you still love me because I no longer see you as a boy


  • Will you still love me if I build my own house
  • Will you still love me if I no longer need you as spouse


  • Will you still love me if from my Heart I escort you out 
  • Will you still love me because in you I no longer doubt


  • Will you still love me if I end this co-dependence
  • Will you still love me if I chose transcendence 


  • My Dearest, Our time has come to a peaceful end
  • Let us take our bows and gracefully from this stage descend 


  • The journey was full of love, strife, and adventure 
  • You have been a most formidable Soul defender 


  • I thank you for your service of chiseling my ego
  • You contrived quite a marvelous show in a tuxedo 


  • Our Souls will always be untied 
  • In time eternal it had been mitred 


  • I know deep deep deep down, my departure, you’ll understand 
  • T’was our Soul Agreement when time began


Adieu, Adieu, into God’s Hands I bid you,                                                                     Irena As I Am & Mudryk, Together Forever                                                                      July 20, 2018


  • When a Love subpoena comes knocking on your Heart’s door
  • You can be sure that your life is yours no more


  • You can try to run and hide behind a rose bush
  • But assuredly Love will see your trembling tush


  • You can try and set up a decoy 
  • Hoping that Love will play with this toy


  • You can ask others to keep Love at bay
  • Thinking you’ll get a head start on your get-a-way


  • You can try to runrunrun as fast as you can
  • All the while relying on the might of a mortal man


  • You can pretend that you are someone else 
  • Praying that your lie does not before your eyes melt 


  • You can hide out in a friend’s attic 
  • Living constantly as a paranoia fanatic 


  • You can make your exit through the door in the back
  • Gleefully, once again slipping through the crack


  • You can speak untruthfully and tell a lie
  • Saying that it is not you but another guy


  •  You can continue this charade as long as you like
  • For Love’s patience and endurance is a continuous eternal stripe


  • But eventually you will tire thee
  • A while flag to Love you will guarantee 


  • For Love has a way of wooing even the most staunch denier 
  • Making a fool out of the most clever contriver


  • We do have free will this is very well true
  • But ultimately your Soul reminds you of your life’s hue


  • Your Soul has the Master’s Plan
  • To which it agreed upon to when time began


  • The world needs for you to show up and own your bit
  • Because then and only then will all the pieces of the puzzle fit


  • We are all closely inter-connected 
  • By each thought, word and deed the whole Universe is affected


  • Answer Love’s subpoena
  • Go Be YOU!
  • It’s a daily practice you accrue 


Love & Blessings,                                                                                                          Irena As I Am and Mudryk, We’ve got Love’s number on our favorites speed-dial.          July 19, 2018


Walk A Way

  • In my life I have walked quite a way
  • In my life I have learned to quietly, gracefully and peacefully walk away


  • There have been times and situations when my Heart was aching 
  • With each passing day into more bits and pieces the Heart was breaking 


  • Over and Over and Over I had prayed and attempted unity, healing, and reconciliation 
  • The totality of my dedication brought on even more agitation


  • My sense of self-worth had undergone massive deflation 
  • My being-hood no longer had a solid foundation


  • What I thought was the righteous life was actually a Divine aberration
  • Upon this realization my choices were continued slavery or emancipation


  • Oh! But! But! But! 
  • The fields were at last cleared and tilled, and the granaries full
  • There was milk and honey, silks, linen and fine wool


  • To the outside observer everything was perfect as could be
  • But on the inside my Heart was shattered, heavy, and unfree


  • Meanwhile, my Heart had tasted love sweeter than the sweetest honey 
  • This truth and feeling became more important than money


  • Oh! But! But! But!
  • My mind told me I can’t just leave and fly away like a queen bee
  • And then, it began, over and over The Voice sang Its Heavenly melody 


  • “Come follow Me, 
  • Come follow Me
  • Leave all behind and follow Me” *
  • (Arrrgh! The Holy Spirit can be very persistent, insistent, and convincing. And that is good thing! The melody was a continuous loop with no “off” button.)


  • Yes, I could have very easily stayed and no one would have ever known 
  • My double life, the inner and outer was mine alone
  • “Come follow Me, 
  • Come follow Me,
  • Leave all behind and follow Me” *


  • Oh! But! But! But!
  • What would “they all say”
  • If “they” saw me sailing away 
  • “Come follow Me, 
  • Come follow Me,
  • Leave all behind and follow Me” *


  • Truly, deep deep down inside I KNEW the choice was this
  • Stay put and my Heart would ALWAYS to me be amiss


  • In the final analysis of my life my Heart and Soul I would have sold 
  • For the price of keeping my flesh out of the cold


  • The Voice reminded me, 
  • “a lady does not live on bread alone,**
  • It is upon My Truth and Love that is your life’s solid cornerstone 


  • Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven**
  • And I will be your constant and faithful intercession


  • Take nothing with you for the journey**
  • For you must cleanse yourself of the past’s scurvy


  • I AM your Source, your One and Only 
  • I will teach you to trust and rely on Me boldly”


  • Yes, I had a choice, this is true, but in essence, NO, not really
  • For Love had presented Their case to me so dearly and completely 


  • And thus, walk away, and a long long way, became a way of life
  • Because Love asked me not to cause any strife


  • Walked away from everything and everyone I did
  • Because this of me was Love’s bid


  • Even though a tempestuous storm was raging on the outside 
  • Deep deep deep down on the inside  Love kept me safe, dry and satisfied 
  • (A most wondrous miracle twas)


  • Walked away I did from the only life I knew 
  • In the hopes that Love would give me a “new you”


  • I can truly say that Love does know The Way
  • All we need do is practice humility, reverence, and obedience to the Divine Sway


  • You WILL be amazed and tickled too
  • At all the wonders that Love can do


  • And thus now, whether Love asks me to stay or walk a way
  • I know better than to struggle, it’s much easier doing as the Divine Say


Let Love gently, gracefully, graciously, peacefully, and lovingly show you The Way         Irena As I Am and Mudryk, The Love Followers                                                               July 18, 2018

Sources: *Christian Hymn, **Bible

Trust Me

  • When I did not know which way to turn
  • Love said, “Just you wait and go rest in the ship’s stern.


  • I AM preparing The Way for you
  • But you must have patience in all that you do.”


  • This was the hardest of Love’s wooing 
  • Asking me to just breathe and not always doing


  • Furthermore, Love reminded me 
  • And whispered into my Heart Psalm 146, Verse three
  • “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.”
  • Yes, that I already discovered, but trusting You I will need to be exceedingly brave


  • “Worry not about your life.*”, Love said
  • “I’ve got that all figured out in My Head
  • All you need do is show up and Trust Me
  • And I will gladly provide for thee.”


  • My old habit of walking by ego and sight
  • Had led me to much decline and into the deep dark night


  • “Why not!?!”, I thought
  • “I’ll give Love a shot.”


  • But how could I be sure
  • That I’d be successful as a Love entrepreneur 


  • SweetHeart, Darlin’, My beloved and highly favored one,
  • I own the cattle on a thousand hills*
  • All the gold, diamonds, stashed cash are in My Wills


  • The lilies of the field* and all the grain
  • Along with the stock markets I alone contain


  • Your body and Heart beat are all Mine
  • Nothing goes unnoticed on My Vine


  • My Living Word can create or undo
  • Anything can come to pass out of the blue


  • Your job is simple, listen and respond to My Voice 
  • And I will give you a life full of rejoice 


  • Please please, I ask of thee, be very patient with Me
  • For My timing is based on Wisdom, on Her Decree


  • When and if you begin to doubt 
  • Make sure it is to Me to whom you reach out


  • I will give you Abundant Grace 
  • My Love for you will show in your shining face


  • Go now SweetHeart and live your life trustfully and joyfully
  • For I AM with you unto eternity, loyally and playfully 


Worship the Living God with reverence, humility, and obedience,                                  Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Walking the Live Line of Faith                                                July 17, 2018

*Source: Bible 

Love Me Not, or…Maybe Do

  • Love me not, for your sweetness is more than I can bear
  • Love me not, for your sweetness may send me into despair 


  • Love me not, for then I will crave your tender caress
  • Love me not, for then I may become once again a mess


  • Love me not, for then I will yearn for you night and day
  • Love me not, for then I may lose my way and go astray 


  • Love me not, for with you I might become obsessed
  • Love me not, for then that may cause me great unrest


  • Love me not, for being with you I may need to change
  • Love me not, for then from my self I may become estranged 


  • Love me not, for that may lead to emotional intimacy, 
  • i into you and you into me, see
  • Love me not, for I do not know if I can handle all that intensity 


  • Love me not, for then there may be a Cosmic dare
  • Love me not, for then with you my life and Heart I may need to share


  • Love me not, for then my joy may be expanded beyond measure
  • Love me not, for I do not know if my Heart has room for this treasure 


  • Love me not, for my Spirit can not be contained 
  • Love me not, for my Spirit must have liberty’s free reign 


  • Love me not, for it has taken me a long long time to heal
  • Love me not, for I can not put myself again through that ordeal


  • Love me not, for love has cost me a fortune
  • Love me not, for I have reached the point of exhaustion 


  • Whoa!
  • Whoa!!
  • Whoa!!!
  • SweetHeart, Darlin’, My beloved and highly favored one,
  • Let’s flip on the Light switch and turn toward the Son
  • Let us remember all the good that Love has done


  • Let us remember that in your total vulnerability 
  • Love gave you the keys to life and liberty


  • Let us remember that in your sweet and tender moments 
  • Love blessed you with healing, joy, laughter, forgiveness, wholeness and condolence 


  • Let us remember that in your Heart to Heart conversations 
  • Love enabled you to undergo many positive transformations 


  • Let us remember that in your Soul to Soul exchanges 
  • Love boosted you to higher and higher elevations 


  • Let us remember that in your loss and confusion
  • Love planted in you a new vision


  • Let us remember that in your weakness and meekness
  • Love empowered you with exorbitant strength and Divine uniqueness 


  • Let us remember that when you thought were done and dead
  • Love bolstered you and you forged ahead


  • Let us remember that when you thought you were orphaned and all alone
  • Love built for you a beautiful place to call home 


  • Let us remember that in this great pause
  • Love showed you your Soul’s cause 


  • SweetHeart, Love has been abundantly good to you
  • Share this Good News in all that you do


  • You know now as you move forward 
  • Love is with you and on every corner 


  • Always and in all ways turn to Love
  • And your path will be lighted from above


Abide in Love with the Living God,                                                                                Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Writers, Rhymers, But Not (yet?) Rappers                             July 16, 2018

Tiramisu for Breakfast, Lunch…AND Dinner!

Once upon a time, in another era of my life I feasted on tiramisu for breakfast, lunch… AND dinner. Oh my! Was I on a continual sugar high.

  • I looked forward to the next delicious, but not nutritious meal.
  • I looked forward to the smooth, velvety and creamy cake escape.
  • I looked forward to being filled and fueled by emptiness.
  • I looked forward to the soothing feeling of contentment, even though it was fleeting and temporary.
  • I looked forward to getting it my way and getting away with something not socially acceptable. I was being bad, bad, bad. And nobody could stop me.
  • I looked forward to not thinking about proper meal planning. This was easy: go to Costco and get a large double pack tiramisu cake. Who needed fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables, brown rice…balance shmalance! I was on the indulgence train.
  • I looked forward to not having to face my feelings, emotions, reality, life, choices, relationships and ME!
  • Sugar had become my drug of choice.
  • Sugar had become my self-medicated means of managing life.
  • Sugar had become my feeling suppressant.
  • And, unlike cocaine, sugar was(is) socially acceptable and readily available. It is in everything – even salad dressing –  yes, let’s sprinkle some sugar on our kale and spinach.

Then by the Grace of God, that “Still Small (but very persistent and instant) Voice” within became  louder and more pronounced. The scale also had a word or two with me and gave me an unapproving look, as did my clothes which became much more snug.             I reached a point where I had little respect for me. I was also disappointed in myself for the lack of discipline and wise stewardship toward the Divine Gift of my Body.

Around that time I was receiving Reiki healing treatments.  During one such healing session I was lamenting, complaining and whining about certain patterns/paradigms of behavior on my  part, others’ toward me, and my inability to break thru. The Reiki practitioner suggested that I do a twenty one day food cleanse/fast of eating only healthy, whole, wholesome and nutritious food: Clean Food. She also said that fasting brings about miracles. She was right.

The lists below are a hybrid of the original suggestion by the Reiki practitioner, and  my modifications over the years as I have strived to eat healthy, whole, nutritious, nourishing, alive, and integrity food.

That meant that for twenty one days, I was to cut out:

  • white flour and/or yeast food
  • white rice (white flour and white rice have no nutritional value – they fill the void in the belly but do not nourish and fuel the body with wholesome nutrition)
  • white flour pasta
  • fast food
  • GMO food (GMO online definition: “The abbreviation for genetically modified organism. A GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there.”)  GMO food really messes with the biology of one’s body. I call it “chemical food”.
  • sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweetener
  • alcohol, caffeine, pop/soda
  • processed chocolate
  • processed, MSG, and/or preservative food
  • dairy, cheese, butter, ice-cream
  • lunch meat
  • pork
  • red meat
  • eggs
  • salad dressing (most have sugar)
  • mayonnaise, ketchup (sugar)
  • blue/green/yellow food coloring colored food
  • processed fruit juices

I was in shock and had thought to myself, “what was left to eat?”. My ego rebelled and tried to convince me that I would starve, be malnourished and possibly even DIE if I attempted this Eating Clean journey. Yes, the ego can get very melodramatic and scare us off before we even try.

It took me three months to mentally prepare, convince, and psych myself up for the fast/cleanse. It also helped that 2012 Easter Great Lent was approaching and that was a strong impetus. I felt like there would be others fasting and I would not be alone in denying goodies to myself. O woe was me!

The hardest part of the Eating Clean journey was deciding to do it. The mind debate  and the ego temper tantrums that revolt against any drastic change can create very dramatic life/death consequences and doomsday scenarios in the mind. I had to convince myself and my mind that I was not going to “die”. The adage of “don’t believe everything you think” was being whispered to me by Heavenly Angels, over and over and over and over. They are so patient and graceful with us.

Plus, a huge dollop of GRACE helped.

The first two weeks were extremely challenging. In those first two weeks I just kept focusing on what I was denying myself, what I was missing out on, and my food “hardships”. Yes, the ego loves to really highlight the struggle rather than shine a light on the good that will eventually ensue. However,  by day eighteen or so I was on a roll and liking it. I was beginning to feel good about myself and the journey I was on. Around that time I  heard in my Heart “I fasted for 40 days would you do 40 days for Me too”. Ah! Really Jesus! It was less of an invitation and more of a Divine Directive. Again, the inner resistance, but I did. It helped that I was journaling and mediating daily by this point. Ironically, as I got into the thirty plus days of the fast, my ego kicked in again but this time with a Tarzan complex. My ego thought let’s see if we an go more than forty days. We did. We went for forty four days!

In this Eating Clean journey I completely overhauled my food relationship and pantry. I discovered new food, a new way of eating, and as a result a new way of relating with my self and others. I felt stronger. I had more clarity. I was more emotionally balanced. I slept better too.

As my nourishment become wholesome, so did my life and relationships. As I dropped unhealthy food, so too did unhealthy relationships drop. As I dropped artificial food, so too did anything artificial drop from my life. The food that I could have on the twenty one day Eating Clean journey was as follows:

  • all the fruits and veggies I wanted (preferably organic)
  • a meal could include a whole head of broccoli or cauliflower  or another veggie of choice
  • brown rice as it takes out toxins
  • quinoa as it is a grain with high nutrients and protein, plus it grows in high altitudes and is a hardy grain. I needed to get my attitude into the higher altitudes and become more hardy. You are what you eat.
  • almond milk (non-sweetened kind)
  • brown rice crackers
  • quinoa crackers
  • rye crackers
  • brown rice or bean chips
  • wholesome rye bead
  • Ezekiel or Essene bread
  • extra virgin olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon juice as dressings or garnishing
  • humus
  • sparkling water/mineral water with lemon
  • kombucha (“GT” makes a high integrity kind – they are fanatics about keeping the energy clean and pure and wholesome in their distilleries. Also, the original scoby is traced back to a Buddhist nun. Now that is some Omsomeness! )
  • sweetener options: agave nectar,  pure honey
  • smoothies – live and wholesome ingredients
  • cacao powder: pure and non-alkaline or non-dutch processed
  • nut butters for protein
  • tart cherry concentrate to add to water or sparkling water
  • wild caught fish
  • chickens raised with respect (no hormones nor antibiotics and room to roam)

I have over the years modified the above list to include the following:

  • eggs from pasture raised chickens  (no hormones nor antibiotics, natural feed, and chickens who roam outdoors under the sun, chickens that can stretch their wings, chickens that can scratch the earth and feast on grass, worms, and bugs)
  • beef or buffalo that is raised with respect and in pastures (no hormones nor antibiotics, natural feed)
  • whole/fair trade food: In this way I am contributing in a small but significant manner to someone else in a different part of the world receiving a living wage/salary. I am contributing to their dignity and giving value to their work. Imagine if everyone did that.
  • ANIMAL FRIENDLY PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS and home cleaning products: Use products that do not test on animals. Products that are FREE of cruelty and meanness. Keep in mind that energy does get transferred into the products and then into the energy field of the user and their home.

I have observed that when I began to eat whole and real food that I did not need to eat as much. The food that I began eating was filled with nutrients and my body became satiated and nourished with less food. Thus, because of the greater quality in the food, the quantity of food that I ate was reduced significantly. I also stopped taking vitamins.

Initially when I began the Eating Clean journey I balked at the price or cost of food, especially the organic food. But then on the inside I heard a Voice say, “You are focusing on the wrong point. How much does it “cost” to fix a body  ailment in the conventional medicine route? How much agony and uneasiness is there in that journey because of unwise stewardship.” Got it. Point understood. Thank You!

Also, around that time in our church we had a visiting Priest from Haiti who was collecting money for the orphanages. He used to be a C-level executive before he got “the call”. I remember him saying that what was once his monthly expense report for travel, meals and entertainment, was now his whole annual salary for his mission work in Haiti. In his homily which centered around his journey and the conditions in the orphanages, for some reason he said, and I still remember it many years later, “Eat at Whole Foods. It is good/wholesome food. It is good for you” What! Really! Did I just hear that! Those words washed over me and took root in me.

After my cleanse was over I did allow myself an occasional treat of what I then called “junk food”. Over time I revised the term with a euphemism of “fun food”.  Today, I turn to  “fun food fixes” less and less, and if I do then it means I have some serious soul searching that I have been avoiding.

As I began eating whole food, my conversation and relationship with myself and others began being more Whole, Wholesome, Gentle, Graceful, and Real. I encountered other people, articles, and conversations  who were on a nutritional cleanse and that gave me a boost to continue on. I call them Divinely anointed and appointed conversations.

Thus, if you want a more simple, pure and nourishing life, start with how you nourish your body. You and your life are a reflection of what you eat!

God’s Good Graces and Delicious & Nutritious Food for You,                                Abundant Grace, Wisdom, & Love for the Journey,                                                                       Irena As I Am and Mudryk the Angel                                                                               July 13, 2018


My Dream Boat

Once upon a time… when everything was in shambles and I had no clue as to what to do next, God sent me “clues, hints, winks, and synchronicities” on my journey. At that time one of my majors in the University of Life was detaching and disengaging from being a “people pleaser”, not succumbing to the “need to please”, having the strength to say “No” and stick to it, and having the courage to do something that I knew would upset many people, many many many people. I had on my shoulders the weight of letting everyone down if I were to proceed down a certain path. Oh my Holy Word! What a time of great testing that was. 

Anthony de Mello’s book “Walking on Water” was my lifeline and saving grace. In one section he spoke about us being addicted to the praise of others and it being the equivalent of a cocaine addiction (I think that is the drug he referred to). It is fed to us at a very early age and our psyche and sense of self-worth is deeply conditioned to it. It is the carrot and stick schtick of praise, disapproval, “the disapproving eye”, and/or the lavishing or withholding of love. Once we taste it, once we are conditioned to it, we crave it and we’ll do anything to keep getting it – love and adoration –  at any cost to our deep inner sense. Before we even know what is going on, we are hooked subconsciously and unaware.

 Rather than going within or to God for approval we look for the validation from others which is a very dangerous and precarious position to put ourselves in. We become slaves and at the mercy of another and another’s fickle and unConditional love, rather than God’s total acceptance of us and  our own acceptance of us. At that time, I was, or rather, God was weaning me from this self-destructive and self-demeaning “drug”.

I had a major decision to make – I could either stay put or have “everyone/they” be upset with me and disappointed in me for taking a different path. I wouldn’t be just “rocking the boat”, I’d be turning it upside down, axing it to pieces, and then burning it. 

  • What to do?
  • What to do?
  • Oh Dear God! What do I do?

In the midst of this conundrum, one night I had a dream. In the dream the message was “if you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat”. It was a strong and deep dream, and upon waking, my whole Being was imbued with its message. I knew the direction that the dream was prophesying for me. I just did not know if I had the strength to see it through. 

That day I happened to be flying out of town. While I was standing in the TSA security line, my gaze was directed toward the mesh end-pocket of a duffel bag that a gentleman in front of me had over his shoulder. To my astonishment and bewilderment the cover had a picture of a boat in the water and the title read, “If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat”. I was in total AWE & WONDER. Was this for real? What are the odds! I couldn’t believe it and yet I did. I also couldn’t refrain from not saying anything. I told the gentleman with the book about my dream, and after a brief but intense Soul bearing conversation he offered the book to me, just like that. By the Grace of God, I was humble enough to say “Yes” and accept such a thoughtful and generous gift from a stranger.

I not only read the book, I devoured it. Every word spoke to me, nourished me, taught me, opened my mind, and encouraged me. I KNEW in the core of my being God was speaking to me through this book. I KNEW that God was building me up on the inside with His Living Word and Truth to go down the path of resistance. I KNEW I would be disappointing “them and they”, but I also KNEW I would make God really really proud of me for finally listening to God and being obedient. 

In hindsight, this stranger might have very well been an angel, for they do come in all types of earthly guises. Sometimes you just get this feeling … Sometimes you just know when the Divine has set you up for success in Their Vision of your best life.

Yes. After much discernment, trepidation, angst, and a whole lotta prayer, by the Grace of God, I did get out of the boat, and, I lived to tell about it, despite all the resistance I received for doing so. Yes. The process had been melodramatic because no one was listening to me, which made me even more angry, and I felt it was the only way I could get my point across. No one was hurt physically, but emotionally Hearts and relationships were torn to bits and pieces. 

In this “getting out of the boat and walking on water” journey of faith, as long as I had my eyes and i focused on Jesus, I was doing just fine, no mater what was going on around me. As soon as I took my Heart’s gaze off of Him and focused onto the circumstances, “the facts” and the repercussions, my Spirit began to sink into and become overwhelmed by despair. By the Grace of God, as soon as I realized I was sinking, I  reached for Him and He always brought me up to the surface again. He is like that. He is always on call and always responds. It’s just that sometimes His Way and His response may be very different from what we expected. Be humble and open enough so that you can see and accept His help and love, always. 

Recently, at the library bookstore, I happened upon the book, again. Hmmm… It reminded me again just how much we are all Divinely loved, supported, valued, encouraged, empowered, guided, and blessed on this earthen sojourn.

He loves you more than you know. He wants a life of joy, peace, love, health, safety, wisdom, grace, and prosperity for you. Ask. Ask. Ask. Then DO as He says. God does need your cooperation. Amen

Side Note:    Anthony de Mello’s suggestion, which I think is wise, for raising strong and God-dependent children is to support them, AND also ask them how they feel about their accomplishments/projects (art, science, sport…)/progress. This helps to build them from the inside out rather than from the outside in.

Worship the Living God (Hebrews 9) and not dead idols,                                                   Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Divine Seaworthy Sailors                                                                 July 12, 2018


  • The vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience I made a long long time ago
  • Over and Over and Over, over many lifetimes I solemnly made them a part of my life’s Flow


  • Deeply imbedded they had become into the constitution of my bone marrow
  • No matter what I did, their current, a strong undertow


  • These vows from past journeys kept pulling me back 
  • So that that I could not get on another track 


  • Likewise, this time round The Cosmic Wheel of Life “the call” I did get
  • But my Spirit instead wanted to roam outside the church’s safety net


  • My Spirit took over and responded on my behalf
  • In this world it wanted to taste the golden calf


  • It wanted to experience riches, lust, and total anarchy 
  • It was convinced my happiness lay in this triune key


  • But just like cotton candy gives one a temporary high
  • Now I realize that its deep Divine contentment and long lasting joy that I certify


  • Furthermore, my Spirit thought that this time round The Cosmic Wheel of Life 
  • It could do more good for God’s Glory by not being the church’s wife


  • Honoring my free will the Divine withdrew Its shepherd’s staff
  • And opened the gate for me with a jolly belly laugh


  • “As you wish my beloved and highly favored one.”, They responded
  • “Just remember We will always be here for you, especially when you feel desponded and despondent.”


  • “We will however still need to work on purifying your bloated ego in half.”
  • They said, “For it is still very necessary to separate in you the wheat from the chaff!”


  • On my Word!, to the core of my Soul
  • How was I to know that my journey would take me into the depths of Sheol


  • I was shaken to the core of my being with terror and fright
  • As all of my earthly pride underwent a spiritual shake-down by Divine Might


  • I had to wrestle and grapple with all of my inner and generational bondages 
  • I just could not fathom continue living as one of their many hostages


  • Inner and outer freedom became the sole purpose of my existence 
  • No matter how things looked and felt, I KNEW liberty was my Divine Essence


  • In these moments when I had been swallowed by black darkness
  • I KNEW that Christ’s Power was my only safety harness 


  • As the adage goes, there are no atheists (nor egoists) in a fox hole
  • And so I raised my arms up to Christ with every fiber of my Soul


  • For He is the One and Only One who willingly dove into death
  • So as to fetch our ancestors and give them Holy Breath 


  • By the Grace of God I made it out sane and alive
  • From all the many many, deep deep, Soul dives


  • It was the sacrificial Love offering of His Life Force being nailed to the wooden Cross
  • That my life while in dark despair was not written off as a total loss


  • It was the outflow of His Pure and Holy Blood
  • That my Spirit was washed clean from my ego’s mud


  • It was through the MIGHT of His Holy Resurrection 
  • That my desires became aligned with the Divine Inflection 


  • My ancient vows of total self-subjugation to man’s dogmatic dominion over me
  • Were “torn in two from top to bottom” by His love-fulfilling death on the Life Giving Tree


  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, 
  • Jesus,
  • Through all of eternity 


  • No longer would I need another to get access to God
  • All I need do is listen and get beyond my ego’s facade 


  • My journey into Sheol and pride purification delivered me into Christ’s liberty
  • Against all odds my life was rescued from negativity and from ending bitterly 


  • Now it is a daily journey of Divine Discernment 
  • In separating the Truth from the lie, there is no such thing as Divine adjournment 


  • Every Breath and Every Heart Beat is a splendid opportunity 
  • Of living with Love oh so beautifully, Be You To The Fully


  • My new vows are as such,
  • Poverty to the ego’s demeanor
  • Chasity to the Whisperings of the Holy Spirit 
  • Obedience to the Living Word of Love and Light


Worshipping the Living God, By the Eternal and Abundant Grace of God,                                  Irena As I Am and Mudryk, the Soul Co-Sojourners                                                                 July 11, 2018

Commit me Not

  • Unto the ages my Soul hath been bound 
  • From the springs of Life Eternal my Spirit could not be found


  • It was quite a conundrum to have awoken to
  • Neither forward nor backward could I make a move


  • It seemed I was destined to stay perpetually put
  • It seemed the chains would always be on my foot


  • But something from deep within my Soul 
  • This time round The Cosmic Wheel found its Light escape pinhole 


  • Bondage and heavy yokes were no longer acceptable 
  • This time round the The Cosmic Wheel it needed to be equitable 


  • But the commitments ran so deep and were oh so many
  • I could not shake them off even with money


  • Which way to turn I did not know
  • So on my bent knees before God even my bullish ego took a low low bow


  • In this moment of profound humility 
  • The Wisdom of Love whispered Its liberty


  • They told me it would be a long haul
  • Then They asked if I was up for this strenuous call 


  • They told me the journey would not be easy
  • Then They asked me if I wanted to sign a Trust Treaty 


  • I said, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Just please get me out of this in-finite mess!!!”


  • From that moment on I made a life long vow
  • To Love and Light my Soul I bound 


  • Earthly commitments now make me shiver
  • For I know not if I can deliver


  • Commit me not has become my new way
  • Flowing with Love gives me much sway


  • The yoke of Love is no burden at all
  • Truthfully it gives one peace, joy, love, prosperity, and liberty from being small


Grace in Abundance,                                                                                                    Irena As I Am and Mudryk the Soul Sentinel                                                                    July 10, 2018

Outside my Window

  • Outside my window the birds chirp away
  • They sing of their joy for the coming day


  • They flutter around from branch to branch
  • And sometimes they even have a little romance 


  • The tree welcomes them gladly with wide open arms
  • Their lovely way is quite a charm


  • The sun warms their little feathered bodies 
  • Giving them strength and making their life jolly


  • The earth meets their every need 
  • By giving them in abundance berries and seeds


  • They build their nests so high and secure
  • The safety of their young they ensure


  • They raise their families with such tender care
  • Watching them has become a form of prayer


  • Their presence is a Gift of Grace
  • It reminds me to slow down from the hurried pace


  • Their song greets me every single morning 
  • They faithfully show me life is a calling


  • If I ever feel on this path feel alone
  • All I need do is look out my window and in my Heart love is known


  • Friends come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • All we need do is have a Heart that realizes


  • Living with Joy is really quite simple
  • Just breathe deeply and with nature let your Spirit co-mingle


  • Living with Love is really quite possible 
  • Just let your entire self to God become wholly bondable 


  • Living with Peace is really quite true 
  • Just make it a priority in all that you do


  • Outside my window the birds and the tree have tenderly taught me
  • That each day is a jubilee and all I need do is just be


With Love,                                                                                                                     Irena As I Am and Mudryk the Muse                                                                               July 9, 2018