Hawk Medicine

I received  a (voluntary) Gift from a Feathered Friend.

On my walk this morning, I took different routes than the usual. I zigged and I zagged.

At one point I looked to the side and was irked by some trash that I saw along the way. So much so, that I went over to pick it up. By this time I already had picked up a large plastic cup, so I thought I could use the cup as a carrier for the cigaret package that was on the ground. As I reached for it, close by was this beautiful feather lying on the ground.
Ah! Joy! What a treasure!
I think (?) it may be a Hawk’s feather.
Thank you.

In the very distant past, I used to mutter not nice words toward the people who threw their trash out car windows. Then I became aware that at some level they could “hear” me. Their spirit “heard” the words my spirit directed at them. Oh yes, we all “hear” at the Soul level what we all say about one another. Hence why in some people’s presence we just feel safe and in other people’s presence we are on guard and clam up without any logical reason or hard evidence.
The Soul just knows.

I also became very aware how the energy/words that I put out boomerangs back to me, but amplified. Thus in cursing them, the litterers, I was cursing myself too.

So I did an about face.
I began BLESSING them.
I also realized that if they were whole and respectful, they wouldn’t throw trash out their auto windows.
So I began blessing them EVEN MORE.

Hopefully, some have reformed 😇

See, one just never knows what gifts, treasures, blessings, experiences, insights, connections, conversations, conversions, joy and Love await for us in each day; especially when we go out of our way and do something good.

Live peacefully.
Live joyfully.
Live lovingly.

When your attention is directed to something or someone that you could be of service to, think of it as a Divine Opportunity.

Abundant Blessings of Wisdom, Humility, Freedom, Grace, and most of all, Love,
Irena and the Beautiful Hawk Feather