OMg – My Dear Zeus god

Omg – My Dear Zeus-god

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Boys & Girls,
Introducing the likeness and image of the god with whom I grew up with. I now like to call him my formerly beloved, or rather much FEARED zeus-god.

Zeus-god for some unbeknownst reason to me was always ANGRY at me and with me. He was always DISAPPOINTED with me. I could never please him. I could never live up to his expectations of me. He instilled great insecurities and self-doubt. I could never live up to the standards he set. Just by virtue of breathing, I seemed to break some law or another of his – I was inconstant sin, sin, sin mode, thereby gladdening and satiating his ferociously fierce appetite for lightening-bolt punishment.

This caused me to always be looking over my shoulder so that I could gauge  zeus-god’s fickle mood de jour. I was always ready to duck should a lightening bolt come my way as atonement for my being “bad”. And if I managed to duck the lightening bolt because he happened to be preoccupied with bad boys and girls in another village, well then, zeus-god always kept the eternal flames well stoked for my long term “warmth”.

A Herculean Effort
Fortuitously, or rather, an Ocean of Grace intervened and said,
“Let Us show you a different Way.
Let Us show you what and how
Free Will
Peace, and
in and with Us look like and feel like.”

They brought books, teachers, radio/tv evangelists, and friends into my life that showed me how to TRANSFIGURE my fear biased and based zeus-god relationship to one of
I learned how to develop a friendship with Him, with Jesus.
I learned how to make Him, make Jesus, my BEST FRIEND EVER and ALWAYS, my lifelong BFF.

They also showed me how to practice being loving, forgiving, accepting, and merciful with me, no matter what I did or did not do. They showed me that I am always WORTHY of these Gifts, and that it is i who at times can withhold these Gifts from myself. Lastly, They showed me that the more that my Heart grows and is anchored in these Truths, the more I will be able and capable of offering Them to others, to those whom I encounter.
The healing becomes the balm for others.

As our intimacy developed and grew, I realized, and still am realizing, and will continue doing so for the rest of my life, just how wonderful He is and just how wonderful I am.
It’s a day by day and moment by moment journey.

It’s all about Love.
Love is Good, always.
as i was
as i am
as i will be

Hawk Medicine

I received  a (voluntary) Gift from a Feathered Friend.

On my walk this morning, I took different routes than the usual. I zigged and I zagged.

At one point I looked to the side and was irked by some trash that I saw along the way. So much so, that I went over to pick it up. By this time I already had picked up a large plastic cup, so I thought I could use the cup as a carrier for the cigaret package that was on the ground. As I reached for it, close by was this beautiful feather lying on the ground.
Ah! Joy! What a treasure!
I think (?) it may be a Hawk’s feather.
Thank you.

In the very distant past, I used to mutter not nice words toward the people who threw their trash out car windows. Then I became aware that at some level they could “hear” me. Their spirit “heard” the words my spirit directed at them. Oh yes, we all “hear” at the Soul level what we all say about one another. Hence why in some people’s presence we just feel safe and in other people’s presence we are on guard and clam up without any logical reason or hard evidence.
The Soul just knows.

I also became very aware how the energy/words that I put out boomerangs back to me, but amplified. Thus in cursing them, the litterers, I was cursing myself too.

So I did an about face.
I began BLESSING them.
I also realized that if they were whole and respectful, they wouldn’t throw trash out their auto windows.
So I began blessing them EVEN MORE.

Hopefully, some have reformed 😇

See, one just never knows what gifts, treasures, blessings, experiences, insights, connections, conversations, conversions, joy and Love await for us in each day; especially when we go out of our way and do something good.

Live peacefully.
Live joyfully.
Live lovingly.

When your attention is directed to something or someone that you could be of service to, think of it as a Divine Opportunity.

Abundant Blessings of Wisdom, Humility, Freedom, Grace, and most of all, Love,
Irena and the Beautiful Hawk Feather