Leaving the Village: Part 2/2

Leaving the Village: Part 2/2

During the searching period, the wandering time, I learned to rely on God, and only God.
Now that the wandering is over I am building new relationships and friendships. I am learning on rely on both God and others.
The difference now is that now I am not defined by my relationships.

Grace in Abundance,
Irena As I Am
D’Vine D’Zine • Helping You Shine!®

Leaving the Village: Part 1/2

Leaving the Village: Part 1/2

I reached a point in my life where I wanted to see what life was like outside the village. That required leaving behind everything I knew as “truth” and the village way of life.
It meant total reliance on God!

It was a time of wandering, great unknowing and much unlearning.
God had my back.
God has your back.

Abundant Divine Wisdom, Humility, Grace, & Blessings,
Irena As I Am
D’Vine D’Zine • Helping You Shine!®


Our Work AS Our Medicine

The work that we do is many things.

It is our
•developing our gifts and talents
•adding value to the world and making it a better place
•exchange of value – who we are/what we contribute for monetary currency
•for me, I have discovered it is my medicine.

I am speaking and expressing and sharing after being very very very quiet and in the corner for a very long time.

It feels good.
I feel good.

What does your work do for you?

Share Yourself,
Irena As I Am
DVine DZine • Helping You Shine!®


Mighty Once

I once was mighty.
Oh yes I was.
Just ask the raven, blue jay and squirrel.
They all witnessed my splendor.
They all took refuge.
I covered them. I gave them shade. I was their home.
They counted on me. They relied on me. They took strength from me.
In the glorious splendor of fall, I gave backdrop and center stage to fiery oranges, soft yellows and bold reds to nearby birch.
Their splendor was my joy.
In the winter freeze I stood strong and firm,
My sturdy green limbs adorned with snow white pearls and glistening diamonds.
Bend I did not to the blistery howls of the fierce winds.
In the joy of the spring, new hope arrived, year after year.
Perhaps this will be the season that i shine and show my divine glory.
But t’was not so.
T’was not preordained as there was more service in me give.
Service was my glory.
Then, a fire bolt from the Heavens ripped through my core.
The all consuming, the all purifying, the all final act.
Everything, all dreams, all hopes, all desires, charred to a crisp.
Nothing left to restore.
Dead. Gone. Finished. Destroyed.
That is how it seemed.
That is how it felt.
Know my soul that hades does not last.
Know my heart that hades is for your glory.
Know my mind that hades is for your refining.
Know my dearest that hades is in service to your resurrection.
“See, I have refined you, though not as silver;
I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.
For my own sake, for my own sake, I do this.
How can I let myself be defamed?
I will not yield my glory to another.”
Isaiah 48: 10-11
 I will rise again.
Just watch me so.
For in the split heat of the fire, the purgatory of my being,
that which did not serve the Greater Whole,
rose up to the Heavens as an offering.
That which remains is the pure seed of the soul.
Irena As I Am

Trust Your Deep Inner Knowing

We know things deep within our Being because of our unique and personal connection to the Divine, and because of the sum of our experiences.
Only we know exactly how we feel and what is right and true and in Divine Alignment for us.
Others may not understand the full scope because they view our experience through the lens of their experiences.

It is wise to seek wise counsel AND then ultimately make decisions based on what feels in alignment with your deep inner knowing and truth.

Trust Yourself,
Irena As I Am
DVine DZine • Helping You Shine!®


Savor, Not Devour the Moment

When I am in the moment, it is a beautiful and texture rich experience.

When I try to
•devour the moment,
•rush through the moment,
•impose on the moment
•place expectations on the moment,
•push my agenda on the moment
let the moment take its course and flow through me,
Oh my,
I miss out on the breadth and depth of feelings and the GIFTS that the moment may have in store for me.

When with someone(s), or when attending an event,
Put the phone down,
Focus on the person(s) you are with,
Savor the experience,
Listen to their words.

Be present to the presence.
Bring your presence to the present.

Breathe deeply and take it all in,
Irena As I Am
D’Vine D’Zine • Helping You Shine!®

“Eat, Pray, Love”
“Big Magic”


Fear and Doubt – Bah Humbug!

Fear. It tries to control us, manipulate us, freeze us and keep us from really LIVING life to the fullest. Its goal is to protect us and keep us safe from the worst possible catastrophe it can conjure up. It then tops off that scenario with its version of whipped cream and a cherry, which is doubt of one’s inner truth and knowing. Doubt. It tries to sway us from the True Path we know is right and best for us with annoying pop ups of unsure thoughts.
This human condition of questioning our true inner knowing goes all the way back to our original parents. Eve’s Mind toiled with her Heart:   
“Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”, Genesis 3:1.         But the fruit of the tree was “pleasing to the eyes” and “the tree was desirable for gaining wisdom”, Genesis 3:6. Thus she chose to sway. Had she stood her ground and not conceded to the temptation, we would all be living in utopia being spoon fed from cradle to grave, if there even would be a grave. However, she choose to explore the path of wisdom instead, of knowing the difference, of having reference points: pain & sorrow in contrast to elation and joy. In either scenario, Love always was present and always will be present.                                                                                                                                   
Since God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, did God really not know what was going to happen? Would God really allow something to happen which is not and was not part of the Grand Plan, part of Divine Design? Can anything really happen outside of God’s domain, however difficult that is to wrap our limited mind around? Perhaps the swaying, the zigging and zagging IS part of the Path, the Plan and the One Design? Perhaps we were always meant to have the opportunities to mature emotionally through the decisions and actions we take and do not take? Perhaps by leaving the safety of the nest, The Garden, our wings of faith had and have the environment within which to really strengthen and soar.                                                                                                                                
If there is one thing that I have discovered, the actual doing of the feared event is less terrifying than the thinking about it and working ourselves up to doing it. If and when we are completely in the moment, there is even an element of beauty when in one hand we hold, feel and acknowledge our fear, while with the other hand we orchestrate our body to carry out that which seemed insurmountable. It is truly a moment of trepidation mixed with glory and most importantly, self-respect. It is also a moment when the entire Divine Domain is all around us Breathing Their Courage and Support into us.  However the cards play is really out of our hands and none of our business. It is now in Divine Hands. We trusted and played our part. Our job is to continue to trust, respond, thumb our noses at fear and doubt, and address it with a boisterous ‘Bah Humbug!’.

Abundant Wisdom, Faith & Courage,                                                                                Irena As I Am                                                                                                                   D’Vine D’Zine • Helping You Shine!®

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