Fears on The Way

  • The fears i feared
  • come to pass they did not.


  • The fears i feared
  • kept me from taking a shot. (well, not always, only sometimes)


  • The fears i feared
  • bound me in a knot.


  • The fears i feared
  • confined my life to a dot.


  • The fears i feared
  • created much unnecessary distraught.


  • The fears i feared
  • held me as the victim in my life’s plot.


  • The fears i feared
  • ruled me by religious and societal oughts and naughts.


  • The fears i feared
  • anchored and grounded my life’s yacht.


  • The fears i feared
  • in truth did not come as i thought.


  • The fears i feared
  • through them many lessons was i taught.


  • The fears i feared
  • revealed to me who was not sir lancelot.


  • The fears i feared
  • some of them served me to untie the love not.


  • To be fair,
  • The fears i feared,
  • i must admit, that some had kept me very safe.


  • Yes, there were the phantom fears which did not come to pass. 
  • But instead,


  • Unexpected bumps, blocks, and boulders 
  • had shown up on my way.


  • Unusual people and circumstances and wild goose chases 
  • had kept me oh so busy and at bay.


  • My limited vision, overactive mind, and others’ expectations 
  • had way too much sway.


  • My dreams, my plans, my hopes, my desires, and my rising
  • knew only delay upon delay.
  • (Although i now see they too were Divinely Ordained.)
  • I burnt bridges, tore down walls, and cut all chords
  • leaving me totally unencumbered, and a stray.


  • My deepest and fondest alliances and allegiances 
  • had lay in utter deca, with many hearts bleeding from betray.


  • Nothing was certain, nothing was solid
  • everything was fluid, slipping, and passing away.


  • All of life had come to a halt 
  • so that my eyes could, and finally would, see, the new path way.


  • My dearest friends and sojourners, 
  • I can now say,
  • Do not despair at what you can not see
  • For God’s reel is the real screen play.

irena as i am                                                                                                       05/21/2008


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not lean on you for their song.


  • If they were strong,
  • if would be oh so easy to get along.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not use a voice of bong.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not surround and pressure you in a throng


  • If they were strong,
  • they would admit when they were wrong.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would let you be your long.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would have their own life prong.

But alas,

  • It is the weak,
  • who stand upon the meek.


  • It is the weak,
  • who always need to speak.


  • It is the weak,
  • who love to critique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who harp on the unique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who shy away from  mystique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who need others to plug their Heart’s leak.

The Truth is this,                                                                                                                 It is God and only God who can completely fill our Heart’s longings.


Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/17/2018

No TV for Me

I am humbly proud to say that I have bee tv free for four years now.

It happened around the same time that I was doing my best to distance myself from white four, sugar, processed food, and all other non-integrity nourishment, on all levels and areas. I now call it “The GREAT SPRING CLEANING of 2014 “. That was when I had dubbed myself the Queen of Clean.

The TV had been energetically dirty, contaminated, unclean. Thus, I donated it after purifying it with sage, incense and Holy Water.

Now, this space and my home represent  peace, silence, perspective, tranquility, and time to really reflect, heal, process, and move forward. Most importantly however, this is a space and place where I am able to better hear the gentle whisperings of the Divine World. My home is my sanctuary and my sacred space for wholeness and holiness.

Initially however I did not feel that way. Initially, 

  • I was in shock as I went into noise pollution withdrawal.
  • I was uncomfortable and uneasy as my mind numbing agent and Spirit Suppressing noise box was gone.
  • I didn’t know what to do with myself when I wanted to decompress, tune out, or have my mind go into a vegetative state.
  • I felt awkward and weird and out of sorts with the rest of society.
  • When I woke late at night I was forced to  face/hear why I was awoken by the Divine Realm and what they were trying to tell me. Whereas in the past, I would tune them out, and drown them out by tuning into the tv hole.
  • I fidgeted, felt deprived, and almost had the shakes.

I had no where to run and hide from me and the emotions and issues that were welling up from the inside of me. But then I stuck with it, I persevered and I did not allow those discomfort feelings to sway me, control me, have power over me nor change my course.

I also noticed something very interesting over the course of the next year. I observed myself in situations when I was in the presence of a tv and pleasing shifts happened.

  1. While traveling and in a hotel room, I did not feel the need to turn on the tv, nor did I tv binge. Instead, I took the time to FEEL the energy of the trip and all the sights, sounds, conversations, experiences, messages and lessons. I soaked it all up –  every drop of life into my bones.  I had the time and space to process life, and rest too.
  2. While staying in someone’s home, again, I did not feel the need to watch tv. I do remember TRYING to watch tv, but it felt like a chore and a waste of time. If my hosts were watching tv, I could only tolerate it for so long (15 to 30 minutes) before I had to leave the room. There was so much noise and created drama that I went into sensory overload.
  3. My Greek Orthodox neighbors were going to Holy Friday Services and asked me if I would sit with their canine companion whom I will call Ms. Tabitha. I did. My mind was not in a place where I could read and focus, thus, I turned on the tv to one of my favorite channels in my life before tv: HGTV. I used to get a kick out of watching  couple dynamics while choosing a home OR watching the wonderful renovation transformations. Hmmmm… maybe because at that time my life was also undergoing major renovations/transformations; thus these shows appealed to me. Then something interesting happened. After about 35/40 minutes, I felt “blah”. I felt brain fog. I felt mesmerized, entranced and hypnotized. Thus, instead I looked at Ms. Tabitha and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. Does one need to ask a dog twice if they want to go for a walk? On the walk, we met up with another neighbor walking their dog and we had a really good conversation: two people connected and so did the two dogs. Upon our return, I returned again to HGTV: round two.This time the above symptoms got worse and the shows really did not hold my interest. I guess I am cured of HGTV! When I got home, I felt so good being in my tranquil quiet space, my peaceful home sanctuary. Thank You my good neighbors and Ms.Tabitha for this invaluable experience. I now have tv closure as there were still small wonderings of whether I “should” have a tv. After all, doesn’t everyone. Now I am grateful that I am not “normal” when it comes to tv ownership. Hmmm…. perhaps this was one of His Gifts on Orthodox Holy Friday. Through the Holy Spirit, They let me know and confirmed Their view/will of Their best version of my life.

And one more tv story: While at a friends home and because of college associations they really wanted to watch the basketball finals. The tv was on for only about an hour. But afterwards I felt  over-stimulated, over-exposed exposed, over sensitized  and somewhat drained. So so so so much information is crammed into such a little fraction of time.

During the one hour tv experience I also felt  energetically “violated” by all the negative commercials, especially the pharmaceutical ones. I feel that the pharmaceutical commercials/messages plant self-fulfilling prophecies or “symptom seeds” in the psyches of people to have the “experience” for which they happen to have the “cure”.

I do my best to expose my self to only clean clean clean thoughts, conversations, images, books, websites, articles and advertising. But while watching tv I had been “force fed” info, images, thoughts, and messages. Truthfully, I allowed it because I could have very easily left the room. I was not a victim. I was an active participant in my demise. In writing this, I am also now realizing how I had compromised my values in “sitting there” and not removing myself from an unhealthy situation.

“But, where sin (missing the mark/target) abounded, grace did much more abound” Romans 5:20

“And, we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” Romans 8:28

When I am at peace and well, I radiate wellness to all and in the space that I occupy on this Planet Earth. It is my way of contributing to Peace. Now, peace and silence reign. I do from time to time get DVDs from the library. But even that is rare.

Success Formula:

  • 1/3 Holy Spirit Promptings/Nudges
  • 1/3 GRACE
  • 1/3 Personal Will, Wise Choices and commitment.

I pray that whatever changes you are contemplating – being nudged toward – that Grace strengthens you and that you commit to a life of greater well being, peace, integrity, love and joy. So heal and help you God.

Abundant Grace to All,                                                                                                  Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/14/2018


Apple of My i

  • I loved you because you were the one.
  • I loved you because you were my sun.
  • I loved you because you were all, and more,
  • Than I ever could have hoped for. 
  • I loved you because you were exciting and daring.
  • Come to think of it, and a double smidge erring.
  • I needed the drama and trauma.
  • I needed the chiseling and sniveling.
  • I needed an escape hatch,
  • and so unto you I latched.
  • But in my youthful exuberance, I failed to see, 
  • that I would become entangled and entrapped without a key.
  • In time the snare grew tighter and tighter,
  • making me weaker, and mightier.
  • And so,
  • I loved you until I was all loved out.
  • I loved you until my well ran dry
  • Ioved you until I had to live or die.
  • I loved you until my Soul I could not deny.
  • Then the journey of a lifetime began
  • Our Soul Contract I had to disband.
  • You were my master, and I was your slave.
  • You called the shots, and I gladly obeyed.
  • I hithered, and thithered, 
  • running myself into a withered fritter.
  • Aiming to please was my only desire 
  • Lest you give me an eye full of fire.
  • God gave me the strength of an ox
  • And used it I did hauling all your rocks.
  • God gave me an intellect clear as light,
  • And shine it I did, unto the night of your plight.
  • This way I would have continued for everlasting eternity 
  • But for some unbeknownst reason to me, Love gave me pity.
  • From Their crown, Love looked down and said, “Enough!”.
  • And a mighty hand grabbed me by the scruff.
  • Pulled me up and out They did,
  • Showed me my Heart that was hid.
  • Then They told me to fly fly fly,
  • And always keep Love as the apple of my i.

Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/12/2018

The God Channel

Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person    talkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalks talkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalks

and then


some more?

After about a twenty to thirty minute monologue, they may ask you how you are doing and you begin to tell them but they interject because they have a story around your story, and the next thing you know you are on their word treadmill, yet again, as they

talktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalk     and then                                                                                                         talktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalk,       some more.

When the conversation ends they say, “It sure was nice talking to you.”

I reply, “Yes, it was nice speaking with you.” After all, I did manage to get a few words in.

It truly was not a two way conversation. It was just a one way verbal flurry, or more like an avalanche of words words words… There was no two way exchange to thoughts, ideas, emotions, dreams, joys, sorrows. It was just a one way soliloquy on this and that. I used think that my listening to others was a Gift of Service, a listening ministry. But that is until my cup runneth dry. Much of the time I felt drained and used. The other person on the other hand said they had felt much better. Now, I am much more discerning and aware about how much time I allocate to this listening ministry.

It dawned on me one day that perhaps God might feel this way too with my constant prayers going upward. It dawned on me that maybe God too got tired of always listening to me. It dawned on me that maybe I should try listening to God, a downward form of prayer. After all, it was God who knit me, formed me, sustains me, and knows me even better than anyone, including and especially myself. It dawned on me that rather than always asking God to change me, others, or the situation, that perhaps it might be a good idea in hearing what God’s perspective was on me, everything, and everyone. After all, God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. God was before there was a was. God will be if and when there never will be a be. God sees the full picture of my life from beginning to end. God sees the full picture of the whole Universe. Thereby, it just might be a good idea to get directions from God and make any necessary adjustments to myself – rather than asking God to change others or the situation.

But how can one do that if one is totally focused on talking and not listening? How can one do that if one is full of their own agenda and themselves? There is no room in the ego for listening and hearing, let alone doing what the Divine is attempting to transmit to us. That is unless one makes it a daily practice to listen to God. That is unless one becomes committed to being open, receptive, deciphering, and responsive to Divine Guidance.This is a Gift. But more importantly, in order to activate the Gift, it takes time, energy, commitment, and willingness on our part to learn to listen to God, to mediate.

The Way to know God is to listen to God, and then do as God asks. This is the way of meditation. In meditation we LISTEN to God.

Prayer is good and necessary, more so for us and for our Hearts than it is for God. God does not really “need” our prayers, it is we who need the transformative power of prayer. But prayer is us talking to God. It is our one way communication TO God, but not WITH God. Meditation makes it a two way conversation. 

In a good relationship, communication flows both ways: both parties get their chance to speak and listen, respectfully. It is the same with our Divine Relationship. We take the time to both speak and listen, attentively and with open and humble Hearts.

 It is GOOD to listen to God. It is life giving to take the time to listen to God. God’s wisdom and healing will come through to those who take the time to listen to God, to mediate.

Listen to God by meditating daily in the morning and evening. This is how you tune into The God Channel. This is how you will channel God into your Mind, Heart, Spirit, Being and life. It is worth the time investment. God has your life better figured out than you ever could. God is your best advisor.

Meditate and Grace will abound in your Beinghood & Life,                                             Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/10/2018

Mind Games for Mind Mining

Sometimes, I feel like 80% of my job is to retrain my mind and thought patterns on the new. And then. Stay there. Stay focused. Keep it from wandering back to the old and familiar.

The grooves in our mind are like well established deer tracks. Our  thought patterns keep wanting to go down that old existing path: the familiar, the comfortable, the known, the tried, the true, the tested, the safe. But all it does is keep us in a holding pattern.

In the beginning it takes a tremendous amount of energy to create new deer tracks, thought patterns, and brain grooves so as to create a new vibrational patten, a new frequency, a new projection, a new paradigm and eventually, a new manifestation, or, womanifestation.

Eventfully the old deer path becomes overgrown with grass and shrubs due to a lack of use, focus, or attention. Eventually the old brain patterns fade into nothingness and the grooves become smoothed over.

And voila! One’s brain has been retrained. What once was foreign becomes familiar. What once was a dream becomes material, matter.

Or, another example, it’s like a rocket launch. It takes a tremendous amount of fuel and energy to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere. It takes a tremendous amount of focus, determination, and energy to rise above the ‘downward gravitational pull’ . This term is is a euphemism that I use for for that “other side”, the shadow side. It refers to the one who prowls around and whispers doubts into the Minds and Hearts of Earth Sojourners. It alludes to the one whose job it is to build and test our Faith muscle.  You know who I am talking about without my naming that energy. All you need to do is remember this: the fear tactic – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Keep your eyes/i’s on the prize!

In the launch phase it is essential and very critical time to remain very focused on one thing and one thing only.

  1. Getting one’s tush into that space and place where things become “easy”, where there is no gravity and one is in maintenance mode. 
  2. Getting into that place and space where eventually little fuel and energy take one far into the galaxy.

Is it a lot of WORK initially? You betcha!

Is there a great temptation to quit, to give up? Oh yeah!

Is the eventual reward worth it? Even though it may take months and years! Do you even gotta ask? Have you seen the view from above? Have you seen some of the magnificent photos from the Hubble telescope? It’s the place and space where You and the Divine are in a very close and intimate dance of living, loving, creating, expressing, being, and simply Flowing.

This is the Kingdom of Heaven within being brought forth to the rest of humanity. This is the where the Gates of the Garden of Eden have been opened up and Creation and the Creator nourish humanity with Divine Fruit.

Happy new trails to you. Happy rocket launches to you. Happy Divine journeys to you. Delicious & Blessed Divine Fruit.                                                                                    Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/03/2018

i am

i am spiritual, and religious

i am woman, and man

i am moon, and sun

i am peace, and rage

i am drought, and rain

i am love, and hate

i am joy, and sorrow

i am soft as a rose petal,

and sharp as the thorn

i am open, and closed

i am vulnerable, and unattainable

i am teacher, and student

i am master, and novice

i am raw, and polished 

i am tamed, and wild

i am bold, and meek

i am, as i am

i am, that as HE, 

The One, asks of me


irena as i am                                                                                                       04/30/2018                                                                                                                      on the night of the full moon

Where Art Thou, O My Soul

  • I looked for you hither,
  • And  I looked for you tither. 


  • I scurried about in a panic-stricken slither,
  • As you waited quietly for me in my innards. 


  • You were not in the glitz, glamour, and shimmer,
  • Nor were you in my ego’s vigor.


  • You were not in the snap of a picture,
  • Nor were you in the polished figure.


  • You were not in the other and other and other,
  • Nor were you in the embrace of a lover.


  • Nonetheless, I rowed frantically up and down river,
  • My efforts getting bolder and bigger.


  • All the while, i did not hear you whisper,
  • That all i need do, is look in the i of the mirror.


  • And there you, my Soul, were delivered. 
  • Reunited once more we were, and i finally rested, exhausted and bewildered.

Irena As I Am                                                                                                         04/25/2018


I am outraged! 

My blood is curldling!

My spirit is revolting!


My Heart is weeping!

How could they!?! 

How dare they!?!

Imagine someone having the gentle cure, the thorough medicine, the easy remedy, to plagues that have plagued humanity over the centuries, and withholding it from the masses. Think of the lives it would have saved and the pain it could have spared. Think of the mass fear and hysteria it could have preempted. Think of the progress that could have been made but was not because time, resources, energy, focus was being directed at crisis management rather than on progress and growth. 

Imagine that there is hunger amongst the masses for food, for sustenance, and  for nourishment. Imagine that the masses are plagued by lack, scarcity, and a “not enough” mentality, yet, there is plenty but it is stored away and kept at bay. 

In our earthly timeline, imagine that a group of people had the cure or the knowledge or the insight or the vaccine for such epidemics as the cholera, the bubonic plague, typhoid fever, small pox, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, HIV/AIDS, and the most current one, cancer, and they are holding it back. They are holding it back because they want people living in fear. They are holding it back because they want to control people’s lives and keep them subdued. They are holing it back because they want the masses under their dominion, or as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned “under my thumb”. 

That is what the “church” has done to her people and to much of western thought by parsing, by curating, by editing, by cutting and pasting, by withholding Holy Writings, Inspired Scripture, Divine Wisdom, and TRUTH from the people, from the masses over centuries – a mass massacre of the Spirit of The People.

The TRUTH is that past lives and reincarnation are true and real. It was part of the knowledge and truth of the early catholic/orthodox church and christian beliefs up until about Constantine’s time. I know he is referred to as “saint” and “the great”, but not in my books. No longer. Just like he and his entourage took the liberty to “rewrite” the bible and withhold books and truth and Christian mysticism, i am now doing the same thing and choosing to see him as just another spineless man. 

The white paternal patriarchal brotherhood:

I do not trust them. They have lost my trust.

I do not respect them. They have lost my respect.

I do not obey them. They have lost my blind fidelity, for all of eternity. 

It is ironic that he is know for an edict, The Edict of Milan that stated that “Christians could believe what they wanted” (Wikipedia –  “In February 313, Constantine met with Licinius in Milan where they made the Edict of Milan. The edict said that Christians could believe what they wanted.”). Yet he and his entourage took out Truth from Scriptures. They and all those who were in the know withheld medicine and life from countless generations to come.  

I struggled and wrestled with the concept of reincarnation for six years. I actually did not choose the path, the notion, I “stumbled” onto it, or more accurately, was “led” into it. I was at a “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Scottsdale, AZ in 2007, eleven years ago now, when I found my self sitting in a huge conference room. I think I chose the speaker and the subject by a process of elimination and not by desire. In hindsight I now see that The Divine Spirit was masterfully at work in setting me up for massive healing and success. Hmmm, now that I think about it, perhaps Constantine was part of the Divine EntouRage that led me into this room, this speaker, this healing experience, this truth, and this path.

I don’t recall now who the speaker was, but my inkling is to say Dr. Brian Weiss. That session and that seminar and that group past life regression session changed the course of my life. It was the beginning of a new path, a new way, a new age. It opened up my Mind and Spirit to a path and a portal that answered many questions and showed me the healing work that I needed to do in this lifetime if I did not want to carry forward the same lesson into the next. 

When I first began my spirituality journey, there was a stigma put on it and on me that I was “cherry picking” my christian beliefs or that I was being a “cafeteria catholic” – thereby implying my not being in “full communion” nor a “true believer or supporter of Christ” and that “I was turning my back on the one true faith”.  There was guilt, fear, and emotional shunning used as an attempt at  manipulating me or steering me away from spirituality and new age books/gatherings with words and phrases such as:

  • it’s not in the bible, 
  • that is the devil talking to you, 
  • that is evil – thus implying that i am evil or partaking in evil, (in hindsight, i was parting from lies and untruth that kept me subdued and the Spirit of God from flowing through me)
  • that is the devil misleading you, 
  • that is bullshit, 
  • you are being misled,
  • you are being brainwashed,
  • you are so gullible and vulnerable,
  • the church does not believe in that. 

Truthfully though, these voices were my mirror of my inner belief paradigm too. I myself had once thought and spoken in the same manner: condemning and criticizing, but then ultimately and by The Grace of God, accepting and embracing.

These voices were loud and their decibel emotionally demeaning, deafening, and crippling.  They tried to block me, stop me, tackle me, and keep me down, low, and subdued. But BY THE IMMENSE GRACE OF GOD, the Holy Spirit and dispenser of Divine Wisdom and Truth, kept whispering in my ear, in my Heart, and in my Spirit. Sofia kept nudging me along, gently. Sofia kept giving me books and insights and healers and experiences, consistently and persistently. Sofia kept comforting me and consoling me on my seemingly alone journey into this world of eternal Truth and Wisdom, and eventual healing. On the earthly plane there was much resistance, but on the Spiritual plane there was immense support, guidance, and strength. All I had to do was walk by faith, by insight, and by intuition. All I had to do was lean on the crutches of Divine Right Judgement and accept Their grace. All I had to do was listen and respond to the whispers of the ONE TRUE VOICE.

This Voice, His Voice kept whispering to me, “You shall know them by their fruit”. If there was love, stay and learn. If there was fear, run, fast and far.

I found my self being very careful as to how I spoke and what language I used. When I was in the presence of “church people” I avoided Spiritual / New Age language and conversations lest I be laughed at, ridiculed, and shunned. Ironically, in Spiritual circles and healing ceremonies, I edited my church language since there was a strong undercurrent of disdain toward organized religion and its teachings. I was like a double agent double dipping in both gardens. 

At one point I did leave “organized” religion, orthodoxy-catholicism. I did leave control based on fear, guilt, UNworthiness, and servitude. But HE called me back. 

HE said, “Come to Me. Come to My Table. Come Feast at and with and on my Love. Come let Me heal you and nourish you. Come. Come. Come my sweet loved daughter.”

HE said, “Don’t throw out the baby with the dirty diaper or dirty bathwater.” Meaning don’t leave, discard, throw out the beautiful side of the church because of the smelly part. 

HE said, “I know. I see all that is going on. Leave that and them up to Me. I am and will deal with them, in My Way and My time. That is not your job. Your job is to Love Me, listen to Me, and do as I say. Focus on Me and Me only. Receive My Gifts and Me, and let the institution be. Ignore the institution, that is not your work.”

So, I did. I listened to Him. I listen to His Voice. I obeyed His Voice. In doing so He led me to a beautiful Holy Spirit filled community that is based on Love and Acceptance and Healing: a community that is rooted in tradition but not bound by tradition. I am beyond grateful and have been deeply blessed and enriched.


In hindsight those external voices didn’t know any better. In hindsight, they mirrored and voiced back to me at what I was thinking and feeling myself. I’ve realized that while i am on wobbly feet in my own truth and skin, the world will reflect back to me my hesitancy and uncertainty. 

The church, although Divinely inspired is manly managed and run – just ask Galileo and St. Joan of Arc. 

Lastly, since I know that that which moves us to joy, tears, admiration and rage in others is also within us. Thus, I am left wondering how my outrage of the church withholding is a mirror of me. Mercy me! As the adages go, “when you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing ball at you”, and, “it is a sin to know where the water is in the desert and not tell anyone” – I wonder was this is telling me about myself. 

Always, think for yourself, by the Grace of God,                                                            Irena As I Am                                                                                                      04/23/2018

PS                                                                                                                            Despite all this i still love the church – the hierarchy and institution i struggle with and actually have disconnected from. I also realize that  in any tribe a code of conduct is needed so that everyone is on the same page and that there is unity and uniformity. I also recognize and acknowledge all the good that the church has done: schools, universities, hospitals, orphanages, social outreach, mentoring to name just a few. 

Why do i love her so? Well, she was founded and is ultimately guided by the One Beloved of many.

Who Runs The Show

Musings on Love

  • What is it all about? 
  • Why do we fall for it? 
  • Why do we need it? 
  • Why do we give it? 
  • Why do we let it have its way with us? 
  • Why do we yearn it? 
  • Why do we push it away? 
  • Why is it simultaneously tantalizing and repelling? 
  • Why does it send us high into the sky beyond the stratosphere – but it also has the capacity to plunge us  into the depths of deep dark despair?


  • It is so powerful that no one can resist its orbital pull.
  • Yet, it is so gentle that it can melt even the strongest metal and mental Hearts.


  • It emboldens us to do things way beyond our imagination.
  • Yet, it softens us into a vulnerability way beyond our choosing.


  • It gives us life and hope and faith in a way we never could muster or arrange for ourselves.
  • Yet, it prunes us in a way that can be utterly incapacitating.


  • It opens our eyes, ears, minds, Spirits and Hearts to new wonders and joys.
  • Yet, it can blind us and shut us off from all existence, isolating us into nothingness.


  • It liberates us from old chains and bonds and patterns.
  • Yet, it can cripple and halt us in our tracks, making us immobile and idle.


  • It voraciously consumes our life, thoughts, and focus.
  • Yet, in time, if we are not careful and do not nurture its garden, it can wilt, its roots can dry up and never be brought back to life from the dust of the earth.


My Dearest Love,                                                                                                          No thank you. Not for me. I like me just the way i am. But i also know that Love pays no heed to what i want in my i am.

Yes please. I’ll have a dollop or two. I like the temporary roller coaster ride of a thrill it provides.But i also know that Love comes on its own schedule and pays no heed to mine. Ummm, can i think about it for a while before i say yay or nay. Or, do You need my instant and total reply today.                                                                                                    Love, Yours Truly, as i am

My Dearest as i am SweetHeart,                                                                                You can do as you like, but as you well already know, in this arena,  We run the show.  LOL!                                                                                                                              Love You More, Always have and Always will, I AM THAT I AM

By: I AM & my sweet little muse of a Soul, irena as i am, 04/19/2019 AD