Trust Me

  • When I did not know which way to turn
  • Love said, “Just you wait and go rest in the ship’s stern.


  • I AM preparing The Way for you
  • But you must have patience in all that you do.”


  • This was the hardest of Love’s wooing 
  • Asking me to just breathe and not always doing


  • Furthermore, Love reminded me 
  • And whispered into my Heart Psalm 146, Verse three
  • “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.”
  • Yes, that I already discovered, but trusting You I will need to be exceedingly brave


  • “Worry not about your life.*”, Love said
  • “I’ve got that all figured out in My Head
  • All you need do is show up and Trust Me
  • And I will gladly provide for thee.”


  • My old habit of walking by ego and sight
  • Had led me to much decline and into the deep dark night


  • “Why not!?!”, I thought
  • “I’ll give Love a shot.”


  • But how could I be sure
  • That I’d be successful as a Love entrepreneur 


  • SweetHeart, Darlin’, My beloved and highly favored one,
  • I own the cattle on a thousand hills*
  • All the gold, diamonds, stashed cash are in My Wills


  • The lilies of the field* and all the grain
  • Along with the stock markets I alone contain


  • Your body and Heart beat are all Mine
  • Nothing goes unnoticed on My Vine


  • My Living Word can create or undo
  • Anything can come to pass out of the blue


  • Your job is simple, listen and respond to My Voice 
  • And I will give you a life full of rejoice 


  • Please please, I ask of thee, be very patient with Me
  • For My timing is based on Wisdom, on Her Decree


  • When and if you begin to doubt 
  • Make sure it is to Me to whom you reach out


  • I will give you Abundant Grace 
  • My Love for you will show in your shining face


  • Go now SweetHeart and live your life trustfully and joyfully
  • For I AM with you unto eternity, loyally and playfully 


Worship the Living God with reverence, humility, and obedience,                                  Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Walking the Live Line of Faith                                                July 17, 2018

*Source: Bible 

i am

i am spiritual, and religious

i am woman, and man

i am moon, and sun

i am peace, and rage

i am drought, and rain

i am love, and hate

i am joy, and sorrow

i am soft as a rose petal,

and sharp as the thorn

i am open, and closed

i am vulnerable, and unattainable

i am teacher, and student

i am master, and novice

i am raw, and polished 

i am tamed, and wild

i am bold, and meek

i am, as i am

i am, that as HE, 

The One, asks of me


irena as i am                                                                                                       04/30/2018                                                                                                                      on the night of the full moon

Who Runs The Show

Musings on Love

  • What is it all about? 
  • Why do we fall for it? 
  • Why do we need it? 
  • Why do we give it? 
  • Why do we let it have its way with us? 
  • Why do we yearn it? 
  • Why do we push it away? 
  • Why is it simultaneously tantalizing and repelling? 
  • Why does it send us high into the sky beyond the stratosphere – but it also has the capacity to plunge us  into the depths of deep dark despair?


  • It is so powerful that no one can resist its orbital pull.
  • Yet, it is so gentle that it can melt even the strongest metal and mental Hearts.


  • It emboldens us to do things way beyond our imagination.
  • Yet, it softens us into a vulnerability way beyond our choosing.


  • It gives us life and hope and faith in a way we never could muster or arrange for ourselves.
  • Yet, it prunes us in a way that can be utterly incapacitating.


  • It opens our eyes, ears, minds, Spirits and Hearts to new wonders and joys.
  • Yet, it can blind us and shut us off from all existence, isolating us into nothingness.


  • It liberates us from old chains and bonds and patterns.
  • Yet, it can cripple and halt us in our tracks, making us immobile and idle.


  • It voraciously consumes our life, thoughts, and focus.
  • Yet, in time, if we are not careful and do not nurture its garden, it can wilt, its roots can dry up and never be brought back to life from the dust of the earth.


My Dearest Love,                                                                                                          No thank you. Not for me. I like me just the way i am. But i also know that Love pays no heed to what i want in my i am.

Yes please. I’ll have a dollop or two. I like the temporary roller coaster ride of a thrill it provides.But i also know that Love comes on its own schedule and pays no heed to mine. Ummm, can i think about it for a while before i say yay or nay. Or, do You need my instant and total reply today.                                                                                                    Love, Yours Truly, as i am

My Dearest as i am SweetHeart,                                                                                You can do as you like, but as you well already know, in this arena,  We run the show.  LOL!                                                                                                                              Love You More, Always have and Always will, I AM THAT I AM

By: I AM & my sweet little muse of a Soul, irena as i am, 04/19/2019 AD