Shadow Mountain

  • Step by Step into the unknown i go
  • Step by Step my trust in God i must show.


  • “Where! Oh, Where!”, my mind demands to know 
  • “Trust Me, My beloved.”, Love whispered gently as He kissed my furrowed brow.


  • And Love continued with Their soothing woo of me,
  • “It matters not that your pace is slow
  • Let My Love upon your path cast a glow.


  • The answers you seek are not in a crystal bowl grotto
  • But rather, hidden deep deep within your Heart’s many chateaus.


  • Surely by now with all the twists and turns of your life’s Flow
  • I have proved MySelf long, long, time ago.


  • I AM always with you on earth down below 
  • Just open your eyes and Heart to all that I have bestowed.


  • It’s all just a mirage, and it was all designed 
  • for the growing of your faith into the Divine Mind.


  • The key is where you place your attention and intention, this you know.
  • Thus focus on Love, Joy, Humility, and Gratitude always, in all ways,
  • and you will be well within My row.


  • Come, SweetHeart. Come, My dearest.
  • Do you not know that with your faith and My Strength,
  • This mountain you think you see is a mere shadow.”

Love,  Love

irena as i am                                                                                                          05/28/2018


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not lean on you for their song.


  • If they were strong,
  • it would be oh so easy to get along.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not use a voice of bong.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would not surround and pressure you in a throng


  • If they were strong,
  • they would admit when they were wrong.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would let you be your long.


  • If they were strong,
  • they would have their own life prong.

But alas,

  • It is the weak,
  • who stand upon the meek.


  • It is the weak,
  • who always need to speak.


  • It is the weak,
  • who love to critique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who harp on the unique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who shy away from  mystique.


  • It is the weak,
  • who need others to plug their Heart’s leak.

The Truth is this,                                                                                                                 It is God and only God who can completely fill our Heart’s longings.


Irena As I Am                                                                                                      05/17/2018

i am

i am spiritual, and religious

i am woman, and man

i am moon, and sun

i am peace, and rage

i am drought, and rain

i am love, and hate

i am joy, and sorrow

i am soft as a rose petal,

and sharp as the thorn

i am open, and closed

i am vulnerable, and unattainable

i am teacher, and student

i am master, and novice

i am raw, and polished 

i am tamed, and wild

i am bold, and meek

i am, as i am

i am, that as HE, 

The One, asks of me


irena as i am                                                                                                       04/30/2018                                                                                                                      on the night of the full moon