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i am

i am spiritual, and religious

i am woman, and man

i am moon, and sun

i am peace, and rage

i am drought, and rain

i am love, and hate

i am joy, and sorrow

i am soft as a rose petal,

and sharp as the thorn

i am open, and closed

i am vulnerable, and unattainable

i am teacher, and student

i am master, and novice

i am raw, and polished 

i am tamed, and wild

i am bold, and meek

i am, as i am

i am, that as HE, 

The One, asks of me


  • As I Was, As I Am, As I Will Be,
  • irena as i am and Mudryk, As We Are
  • 04/30/2018
  • on the night of the full moon