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Who Runs The Show


Musings on Love

  • What is it all about? 
  • Why do we fall for it? 
  • Why do we need it? 
  • Why do we give it? 
  • Why do we let it have its way with us? 
  • Why do we yearn it? 
  • Why do we push it away? 
  • Why is it simultaneously tantalizing and repelling? 
  • Why does it send us high into the sky beyond the stratosphere – but it also has the capacity to plunge us  into the depths of deep dark despair?


  • It is so powerful that no one can resist its orbital pull.
  • Yet, it is so gentle that it can melt even the strongest metal and mental Hearts.


  • It emboldens us to do things way beyond our imagination.
  • Yet, it softens us into a vulnerability way beyond our choosing.


  • It gives us life and hope and faith in a way we never could muster or arrange for ourselves.
  • Yet, it prunes us in a way that can be utterly incapacitating.


  • It opens our eyes, ears, minds, Spirits and Hearts to new wonders and joys.
  • Yet, it can blind us and shut us off from all existence, isolating us into nothingness.


  • It liberates us from old chains and bonds and patterns.
  • Yet, it can cripple and halt us in our tracks, making us immobile and idle.


  • It voraciously consumes our life, thoughts, and focus.
  • Yet, in time, if we are not careful and do not nurture its garden, it can wilt, its roots can dry up and never be brought back to life from the dust of the earth.


My Dearest Love,                                                                                                          

No thank you. Not for me. I like me just the way i am. But i also know that Love pays no heed to what i want in my i am.

Yes please. I’ll have a dollop or two. I like the temporary roller coaster ride of a thrill it provides.But i also know that Love comes on its own schedule and pays no heed to mine. Ummm, can i think about it for a while before i say yay or nay. Or, do You need my instant and total reply today.

Love, Yours Truly, as i am

My Dearest as i am SweetHeart,                                                                                

You can do as you like, but as you well already know, in this arena,  We run the show.  LOL!                                                                                                                              Love You More, Always have and Always will, I AM THAT I AM

By: I AM & my sweet little muse of a Soul, irena as i am and Mudryk 04/19/2019 AD