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Soul Gaze

  • You gazed into my Soul 
  • And showed me that I was alive and whole


  • The love and warmth was so real in your eyes
  • It gave my Spirit deep peace as I no longer had to, your love surmise 


  • I for my part did not turn my eyes and i away
  • To my surprise i remained present, and even chose to stay


  • Likewise, I too saw you whole and complete
  • For in this Soul to Soul moment, all of life was sweet


  • I myself dared not touch you
  • For it is not yet the time for love’s rendezvous 
  • (Moreover, it may never be, in this, the earthly hue)


  • Your constant strong presence is now a gift to me
  • In return, I keep my Heart open to thee


  • Too close to you I dare not stand 
  • For then all the years of yearning might unban


  • This love you see is not quite conventional
  • Yet it warms both our Hearts in the multi-dimensional


  • God sure is a most marvelous creator 
  • For to have made such an arrangement, is the work of a genius innovator 


  • Continue on with the Divine Vision
  • It’s completion is your Soul’s mission


  • Meanwhile, I too have a thing or two that I must do
  • For my Soul has a purpose too


  • There is so much more that could be said
  • But at this time it is best that the words remain unread


I adjure you, Daughters of Jerusalem,

do not awaken or stir up love

until it is ready!

Song of Songs 8


  • Love is in the air, 
  • Always, 
  • Irena As I Am, Co•creatress and Mudryk the Great
  • August 7, 2019 in the Year of Love


  • PS
  • Out of the blue you came and rested beside me
  • I was bewildered and overjoyed at the sight of thee
  • Yet this brief visit showed, that our Souls are a we