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Mind Games for Mind Mining

Sometimes, I feel like 80% of my job is to retrain my mind and thought patterns on the new. And then. Stay there. Stay focused. Keep it from wandering back to the old and familiar.

The grooves in our mind are like well established deer tracks. Our  thought patterns keep wanting to go down that old existing path: the familiar, the comfortable, the known, the tried, the true, the tested, the safe. But all it does is keep us in a holding pattern.

In the beginning it takes a tremendous amount of energy to create new deer tracks, thought patterns, and brain grooves so as to create a new vibrational patten, a new frequency, a new projection, a new paradigm and eventually, a new manifestation, or, womanifestation.

Eventfully the old deer path becomes overgrown with grass and shrubs due to a lack of use, focus, or attention. Eventually the old brain patterns fade into nothingness and the grooves become smoothed over.

And voila! One’s brain has been retrained. What once was foreign becomes familiar. What once was a dream becomes material, matter.

Or, another example, it’s like a rocket launch. It takes a tremendous amount of fuel and energy to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere. It takes a tremendous amount of focus, determination, and energy to rise above the ‘downward gravitational pull’ . This term is is a euphemism that I use for for that “other side”, the shadow side. It refers to the one who prowls around and whispers doubts into the Minds and Hearts of Earth Sojourners. It alludes to the one whose job it is to build and test our Faith muscle.  You know who I am talking about without my naming that energy. All you need to do is remember this: the fear tactic – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Keep your eyes/i’s on the prize!

In the launch phase it is essential and very critical time to remain very focused on one thing and one thing only.

  1. Getting one’s tush into that space and place where things become “easy”, where there is no gravity and one is in maintenance mode. 
  2. Getting into that place and space where eventually little fuel and energy take one far into the galaxy.

Is it a lot of WORK initially? You betcha!

Is there a great temptation to quit, to give up? Oh yeah!

Is the eventual reward worth it? Even though it may take months and years! Do you even gotta ask? Have you seen the view from above? Have you seen some of the magnificent photos from the Hubble telescope? It’s the place and space where You and the Divine are in a very close and intimate dance of living, loving, creating, expressing, being, and simply Flowing.

This is the Kingdom of Heaven within being brought forth to the rest of humanity. This is the where the Gates of the Garden of Eden have been opened up and Creation and the Creator nourish humanity with Divine Fruit.

  • Happy new trails to you.
  • Happy rocket launches to you.
  • Happy Divine journeys to you.
  • Delicious & Blessed Divine Fruit to you.
  • Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Divine Mind Miners
  • 05/03/2018